Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid! I first heard you on WFUV, first saw you at Outpost in the Burbs in Montclair, NJ, my favorite show was when you and Scrappy played the Four Corners festival In Pagosa and I am very much looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Saxon! My sister and 87 year old mom were coming down from NM to see you,too, but mom got sick, so they had to cancel. She suffers from acute dementia and I was wondering if you could play "Gone" for me tomorrow? The song kills me, but it also makes me feel better knowing somebody else terrible it is having somebody you love not know who you are.....This long time fan would sure appreciate it. Thanks for sharing your music. Holly

Slaid Cleaves responded on 11/22/2017

Hi Holly. Sorry to hear about your mom. I haven't done "Gone" in a while, but I'll start brushing up on it right now. See you tonight.

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