Slaid Cleaves

Hey Slaid and Karen... hope you guys are doing well looks like it from your tour schedule.

I have a question I have been trying to book you here in Virginia Beach with Tidewater Friends of Folk Music (now Acoustic Music...dropped the "F" word) for the last 3 years. We booked you 3 or 4 times from our 1st meeting back in 1997 when you opend Robin and Linda Williams. I have tried repeatedly to get a date and I keep getting turned down now due to timing and logistics.

I had asked to be notified when you were coming this way but now I see you have a house concert was Jim Morrison in Norfolk in May. What do I have to to get a date?
I was looking for 2019 and he two state of the art theaters in one venue, 150 and 300 seats.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/03/2018

Hey Brenda, good to hear from you. I've forwarded your message to Karen. We usually book 6 - 9 months out, and I know that doesn't always jibe with your schedule. Let's keep trying, though! -Slaid

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