Slaid Cleaves

Slaid, Karen, and the Gang,

My wife Lisa and I (and our children) have been longtime fans of yours from Ohio and we have seen you many times in the Midwest Area... Natalie's, Canal Street, Beachland, etc.

We see you are hitting Ohio on July, 24th in Lancaster. This is very close to our home in the country. Thus, could we interest you in a house show on July 23rd, just before the Lancaster show on the 24th? We live about 25 miles away from Lancaster and would be happy to host you and all of your crew in our home, food, and environs. We are AIRbnb hosts, so check us out here:

We hope we are able to host you.

All Our Best,
Brice and Lisa Frasure

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/08/2018

Hey Brice and Lisa,

Thank you so much for the invite (and for coming to our Ohio shows over the years)! We plan to take Monday the 23rd off as a "drive day" (no show). As boring as it sounds, we need those days off for laundry, errand-running, re-packing, banking, etc. Also, after the flurry of interaction at shows, not to mention being cooped up in a minivan most of the day, we've found that we need the privacy and anonymity of a motel room at the end of the day. We really do appreciate your kind offer, but we've got our little routine and it works well for us. Hope you can make it to the show so we can say Thanks in person. -Slaid

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