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Hey Slaid! Excited for tonight’s show!!! It’s my first time seeing you. Could you play Texas Love Song for my wife, Hillary?


Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/14/2018

I don't know, Tony. Mrs Cleaves has dibs on that one tonight. I'll ask her if she minds sharing

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Hey! I just discovered you on Spotify and really like your music. I saw you were performing in Staunton, VA, on May 4 and have my ticket!

My aunt and uncle lived in Staunton for 60 years and I have spent many many hours there, since the age of 10. I will be 70 on March 18!

Staunton is a charming mountain town and I’m so glad to see they are bringing in really great performers like you!

I look forward to hearing you on May 4 at The Acoustic TapRoom ?. It’s graduation weekend for UVa so you should have a good crowd :-)

And thanks for reaching out to your fans online this way!

Chapel Hill, NC

p.s. Any plans to head down to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area? We’ve got three major universities here and it is happening music scene for singer/songwriters of all generations. Lots of great venues, from small to large, too.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/14/2018
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Thanks the happy 70th wishes! Yes, the Arts Center in Carrboro is an awesome venue. It’s been there forever and has a large and loyal music following.

They bring in amazing people. Richard Thompson, Joan Baez, Dar Williams, Lloyd Cole, and many others. The intimate atmosphere makes for a memorable experience for both performers and audience.

I will DEFINITELY talk with someone there about an October show. Thanks for the tip!

I’m up in Rocky Mount, VA, right now to see Arlo Guthrie tonight! Very excited. He’s playing at the Harvester Performance Center, another fantastic small venue that’s getting great people. I saw Richard Thompson here last April.

And be sure and stay at the Comfort Inn. It’s just a mile down the road from the theatre.

Last year, I had breakfast with Richard Thompson here and Arlo is staying here tonight!

Thanks so much for connecting with us out here in fan land. It sets you apart :-)

See you in Staunton on May 4!

Chapel Hill, NC

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/15/2018
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