Slaid Cleaves

Hey, Fort Worth 3/16 show was a dream. Felt for you when you forgot the words to one of your songs about half-way through playing it - I also sometimes forget the words to one of your songs when I'm about half way through playing it!! 12 yrs ago inherited a lovely Guild under very bad circumstances and just left it be. Only approached playing it lately and first song, I played on it, which I had not played in years, was "One Good Year". It came back to me all at once...much more than muscle memory, more like emotional memory. A lot to think about. Your guitarist Jud is awesome - interesting guitar choices and squeezed every little bit out of both.
John (born in Bangor but got to Texas as soon as I could)

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/19/2018

Hey Bangor John, I appreciate you taking the time to write. Glad to hear you and the Guild are making music together after such a long spell. Songs are powerful things - if you can keep all those dang words in your head. -Slaid

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