Slaid Cleaves

Good Morning Slaid and Karen,

How are you Two ?

I caught you at McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica in February.

What a great show and performance. I bought two friends that were not familiar with your music, now they are big fans.

Anyway Enough gushing about you and the awesome music you write and play .

I'm planing are going to see you at Original Mikes's in Santa Ana this coming June.

Are you offering VIP seating or a Meet and greet type package for this show ?

I would love meet you ,shake your hand and thank you in person for the wonderful music you play.

I just love the music !!

Second, Are you doing the solo thing with your buddy accompanying on guitar ? or are you bringing a band with you ? Either way, the Show will be a hoot and lots of fun .

Third and last thing . Could you please add to your play list 'Breakfast in Hell" for this show ?

I Love that song , all well as the rest of them too.

Enjoy the day

See You In Santa Ana

Eric Farr

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/29/2018

Hey Eric,

Thanks for bringing new people to McCabe's - word of mouth is my best friend.

Everyone's a VIP at my shows. I'll be hanging at the merch table with Karen to shake hands and kiss babies till the venue sweeps us out the door.

Yes, South Austin's own Scrappy Jud Newcomb will accompany me on guitar on the west coast tour in June.

About "Breakfast in Hell:" it's twice as long as a normal song, so, at least two people have to request it to get it on the list. Half way there . . .


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