Slaid Cleaves

Good morning Slaid,
Hope the tour is going well.

Do you ever play festivals or promote your own ? ? if so ,i would suggest a tour /festival with John Doe , Dave Alvin, Jesse Dayton. etc. .

There are so many great americana/folk/alt country musicians these days. I woul dlove something like that, Thoughts ?

Second will you please play Breakfast in hell

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/11/2018

Hi there. The next tour starts in three weeks.

I don't get invited to festivals much anymore. I like your taste, though. All those guys tour a lot, separately. Touring together is fun but: you gotta share the money.

I'll play Breakfast in Hell if you write it on a $20 bill and slip it in the tip jar (did I just say that?)

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