Slaid Cleaves

Great news on the Forty Acres show!

With a little bit of juggling, I’ve managed to fit in your shows in Richmond in October 10 and October 13 in Chapel Hill, and still make it to see Chris Smither in Saluda, NC, on Sunday, October 14th! Amazing.

I didn’t know about Forty Acres but checked out the website and it looks like a very cool series. They’ve hosted some of my favorite people, including you, Chris, Sarah Guthrie, Peter Case, Jim Lauderdale and Greg Greenway.

Glad you were able to work that out!

Safe travels. See you in October!


Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/28/2018

That's impressive, Judy. Don't forget to pace yourself now. Indeed, I've been playing for the 40 Acres folks for over 20 years. Always a good time. See you in October.


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