Slaid Cleaves

Hello Slaid and Karen,
We will be seeing you this Thursday in Sacramento and really looking forward to it. Somehow, several years ago I purchased your CD Sorrow and Smoke and misplaced it. Just found it and LOVE it. I've been playing it several times in the past few days. Wanted to ask if you are able to play either "Texas Top Hand" or "Rolling Stone from Texas" at your concert on Thursday. I don't know if your playlist changes, but if there's anyway to play either of those, I would be grateful.
My sister Lori (your biggest fan in Northern California) will be there with her husband and a group of other fans we know.
We're all looking forward to seeing you in concert. Thanks!

Lonna Giles

Slaid Cleaves responded on 06/02/2018

Yes Lonna! We will definitely do one of those great Don Walser numbers. Thanks for writing. -Slaid

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