Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid, My name is Adam Garcia and I'm editing an independent series about a guy running for mayor in a small town. I heard your song 'Cry' when you played it live on a Slate podcast a few months back and it was just so wonderful. Beautiful, strong and totally relevant. I am darkening your door today to see if I might use the song in the series I am cutting (which I also wrote and directed). It is an independent production, but we can certainly pay for the privilege of using 'Cry' should you agree. Anyway, I can send you a link to a cut with the song edited in for your consideration, and we can discuss your rates, etc... but I figured I should try and reach out here first. Let me know how you'd like to proceed, if you would like to, and I'll be ready. Thanks for your music and all the best. - Adam G.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 06/04/2018

Hi Adam, Thanks for getting in touch, and glad you found my music on Brian Koppelman's always engaging podcast. I'm on the eve of a two-week tour, but I will be in touch via email. I'd love to take a look at your project. -Slaid

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