Slaid Cleaves

Hello Karen & Slaid!

So glad to see you’re returning to Salt for a night of good food and great music. Michael O’Connor once told me there was no point in requesting the following song because it was just “too damn long to remember” but I’m gonna toss it out anyway and see what happens. Borderline has always been a favorite in our household and, while it is a mouthful, maybe you’ll have enough time to recall it (or print out a cheat sheet!)
Really though, no pressure. We love any and all of your songs. See ya on the 26th.


Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/14/2018

Actually, that one is getting requested more and more these days. I wonder why . . . I'm happy to announce that Borderline is back in my brain and I will play it for you in Stanhope, NJ. See you soon. Thanks!

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