Slaid Cleaves

Good Morning Slaid,
I caught you twice this summer on your west coast tour, at McCabes and Original mikes in DTSA. What a great time i had at both shows!!

Ive always resonated the haunting sound and lyrics of your song "Below".
This morning while listening to you and this song i realized why .

The same thing happened to the small town of Keetley ,Utah where older brother had a ranch . THe Ranch is now at the bottom of the Deer Creek recreation area under 500 feet of water. The valley they flooded was beautiful and huge part of my Youth. I have many fond memories of staying with my Brother, at his Ranch , while skiing seemingly endless days of powder at the Park City Ski Areas.
I loved that Ranch and Awesome valley !
Anyway ,I thought i would share one of the many reasons I love your Music.
Enjoy The Day
PS say hi to Karen.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/03/2018

Hey Eric, thanks so much for writing (and for coming to both LA shows!) Indeed, there must be hundreds, maybe thousands of little valleys around the world that live on only in the memories of those who enjoyed them before they became lake bottom. Hope to see you '19. -Slaid

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