Slaid Cleaves

Saw you in New Haven last night. You guys were great! Thanks for autographing my shirt and for such a enjoyable evening. I did not get the name of your band mate. He was terrific (just like Cho Jo!) I can not remember the name of his instrumental solo song, (He played it after you played God's Own Yodeler) It was an old classic (like me) I would love to hear more of him. Thanks to you and Karen for keeping New Englanders in mind. You are soo appreciated!! Peace on you
Brian and AnneMarie

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/07/2018

Hey thanks for taking the time to write. It's always a treat to get to play with the great Duke Levine. He has put out a few albums of his own, and of course, they are great. The instrumental he did last night was a Neil Young song. Can't remember the title at the moment. Heading south now. Back to Mew England after the snow melts. Thanks!

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