Slaid Cleaves

Just finished binge listening to all you recordings on Google Play music. @nd time. Good stuff.
.What are you preferred terms/guarantee min. for house concerts? Assuming you like doing them.

We've just started doing the shows last year and love spreading the word about great songwriters like you to friends and neighbors who don't get out much or listen to the same radio.
Saw you at Dan's in Denton last year and hope to make it this week. That date kind of sneaked up on me.
Question 2. IF I could pull it off could/would you organize it, would you consider doing a house concert at our venue in Flower Mound(near Denton) on Sunday afternoon 10/21? Just checking.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/14/2018

All my recordings, eh? That must have taken a long time. For booking inquiries:

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