Slaid Cleaves

Having been to several of your gigs in the UK, and then to Austin for the live music, I have told friends to go to Austin too. At one concert, you said to me that the places we had been were too commercial now, and I should ask you for the best places for live music, before going again to Austin. Now some friends are heading to Austin next Saturday, for a few days, and I would like to tell them where to go for the best live music. Please would you give me the names of where I should tell them to go. I will be very grateful - and promise to be at your next UK gig.........when is it?
Regards Elaine Miller

Slaid Cleaves responded on 10/29/2018

Hi Elaine - Thanks for coming out to the shows. We probably wont be back in the UK till after I release some new music. Could be a while . . . Tell your friends to avoid 6th street at all costs. Some of my favorites in town are The Cactus Cafe, the Saxon Pub, the Continental Club, C-Boy's, the White Horse, the Broken Spoke, Antones, El Mercado, Sam's Town Point, and Donn's Depot (Mondays). That should keep them busy! -Slaid

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