Slaid Cleaves

Hello Slaid!
My name is Preston and I am an audio engineer/producer and am offering to produce one song for FREE for you, no strings attached.
I am a student at the Recording Conservatory of Austin and a graduate of the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. I love music and am all about it! I also play guitar, drums, bass, and sing, and I write my own material too. I love collaborating with others as well. I just recently moved here to make a name for myself in Austin.
I like your sound and would love to help you with your next project. I hope that if you like what you get from me that we can continue to work together.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Preston Dinkle,
Adboeris Arts

Here is a link to my YouTube channel:

Slaid Cleaves responded on 12/04/2018

Hey Preston,

I appreciate your generous offer, but 1) I'm in songwriting mode for the next couple of years, so no recording projects for a while, and 2) I already have a handful of trusted producers I use. I am sure you will find no shortage of younger musicians in Austin who could benefit from your skills and enthusiasm. Good luck! Slaid

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