Slaid Cleaves

Slaid, this is Pat Porter. I spoke with you last year about doing a benefit concert for the Pemaquid Mill after talking to your mother about it. At the time it was not possible because you were performing in Portland and your contract would not allow it. I see you are in Gardiner this year and hope that you might be able to give us some time during the summer and that Gardiner will not be a problem DRA is providing the Darrows Barn and right now the dates are pretty much open. We raised the money to purchase the mill and closed last Friday. Now we need to raise the money to restore the mill. Will this be possible and if so, when and how much. Thanks for your time. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday and look forward to catching up with you in the coming year.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 12/25/2018

Hi Pat, Congratulations on your progress. I will forward your message to Karen, who does all the booking: -Slaid

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