Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid. Just want to say to you that each and every time I hear the song 'Still Fighting the War', I realize just how brilliant of a songwriter you really are. It also reminds me of just how appreciative we need to all be of our brave men and woman who serve in our armed forces. And we should never forget their families who, if they have not lost their loved ones in the war itself, will still have to 'keep fighting the war' with them when they return. Many, many thanks to all of you out there, and to you Said for writing about this.


PS: Slaid, please don't sell yourself short. You ARE a 'superstar' to me and all of your dedicated fans!'

Slaid Cleaves responded on 01/27/2019

Thanks for taking the time to write, Allan. My buddy Wranglin' Ron Coy helped me with that one. Also, I got a lot of inspiration from the photographs of Craig Walker:

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