Slaid Cleaves

Do you remember Central School 1970 something "God, Flag, Country" presentation 1st. And 2nd place. Slaid Cleaves and Jeff Davis. I have thought of that time often and the summers we spent at each others homes. Love what you do. I still live on the farm on Oldfields and drive by your old place alot and remember those times quietly to myself...Be well

Slaid Cleaves responded on 02/20/2019

I remember I was 2nd place, so you must have been first. Or was that Lisa Bennett? Sitting in a Jeep in your garage, pretending to drive. Your brother shot an arrow right between the eyes of a chipmunk. When I was hall monitor and reported some girl for running, you called me 'Flatfoot.' You did a mean Johnny Carson impersonation then, when I didn't even know who that was. I think we were 8 or 9. Don't get me started!

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