Slaid Cleaves

Hello, been meaning to write you for a while regarding Breakfast in Hell. I heard you perform it live in Wolfeboro NH a few years ago. It is commonly believed by my family (Gray's from New Brunswick and PEI) that Sandy Gray is a lost relation. We know he was a logger, a crew leader and a good one. With mechanized logging and the resulting stripping of the timber in Northern New England and the corresponding regions in Canada in the 1800's Sandy (who’s real name was William, nicknamed by his hair color) decided to journey to Ontario where the big trees had not been felled yet. He expected to go for a few years, run a crew and make enough money to come home and buy land from his uncle to start his own life. He was never seen nor heard from again. Roll the clock forward, and who knows you may have solved a piece of a missing puzzle.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/06/2019

Hey Quinn,

Thanks for writing. I'm so glad to know more about William "Sandy" Gray - the early years. I first heard his story from Gurf Morlix, who has a cabin in Honey Harbor. I recently came across a story written in 1922 which may have been Gurf's source. I'll email it to you.


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