Slaid Cleaves

HI Slaid,
Was really hoping you would get closer than Portland or Seattle....Have you tried checking into the Britt Music Festival in Jackonsville, OR?
I know your too big now to play the "fair" circuts, but one of the very few venues we have around here, ALso, there is the Rogue Theater, small venue, but great acoustics. IF you are able to tag on a show while on the west coast, we sure would love it.

If not, I hope your have a very happy and successful summer. Perhaps in the future you will stop by our area. Many happy regards

Slaid Cleaves responded on 03/12/2019

Bless your heart Liz, but I'm not as big a deal as you (and my mom) think I am. While Britt has 2200 seats and Rogue 500 or so, I play places more in the 150-seat range.

That said, I have old friends in Jacksonville, and every time I hit the left coast I try to pass through. It's not going to work out this time, but I'll keep trying.


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