Slaid Cleaves

Hey there. I see you are in Seattle May 21 and Sebastopol May 23. I am in Ferndale kinda right smack in between on the 101. I'm wondering if you would be interested in playing a house concert here on the 22nd and maybe even pop in to our little local radio station? The music venue here, The Old Steeple, is a beautiful old church but is closed for a private event that evening. You should definitely check them out though for future tour dates. The owner was excited to hear you are coming through.
I went to your show in Arcata a few years ago with my husband and all 4 daughters (newborn to 16 at that point!) And would love to see you again. Either here or in Sebastopol.
Leah Daniels

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/13/2019

Hey Leah, Thanks for keeping up with our travels in your area. We'll be in Nevada City on May 22 - it's been in the works for a while and just went up on the web site. And thanks for hipping us to The Old Steeple - looks like a perfect place for us, and we'll try to work it in next time though. Cheers, Slaid

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