Slaid Cleaves

Do you have or want to sell a vinyl version of Sarrow & Smoke live at the horseshoe? That would be the amazing. I really want to buy this album in vinyl for my niece that turned 21 and is now big into vinyl and will never know the horseshoe. I was going there during the time you recorded this album. I’m extremely sad I missed this show. Probably would have been the best show I’ve seen in Austin and I’ve seen a lot of great ones.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 04/23/2019

Indeed, I've considered issuing a vinyl version of Sorrow & Smoke, as the songs were mixed to flow from one to the other, as in the live show, and not as discrete tracks. Plus that artwork would look so good in vinyl packaging. To have enough good material for the album, we actually recorded two shows at the Shoe, and while they did have a special feel, there were lots of interruptions for tuning and other technical issues.

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