Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slaid - Longtime fan here, looking forward to seeing you in Portland OR again, caught you guys there last time - one of the best concerts ever! Sent you drinks and requested "Breakfast In Hell"! This time I'd love to hear "Quick As Dreams", dedicated to our horses Farley & John Henry. ... or "Below", dedicated to my husband Chris (his favorite)... and I'm kinda partial to "Lydia" (how could I not be!). We'll see you Thursday night at The Old Church , can't wait. Be safe and have fun until then... Hi to Karen too.

Lydia (and Chris) Bosley - - Logsden, OR 97357

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/14/2019

Hi Lydia, You sure do like the workplace disaster songs, don't you! I will try to get those songs into the set list for Thursday. Appreciate you coming back for more. -Slaid

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