Slaid Cleaves

Hello, we are looking forward to seeing you again in Nevada City next Wednesday, the 22nd. I know last year you would take some requests for the performance. Not sure if you're still doing that, but would like to suggest a few of my favorites if you are:

No Angel Knows-- has to be my favorite, although it is hard to pick just one!
Drunken Barber's hand
Sinners Prayer
To be held
Texas top hand

I know that's quite a list, if you're able to play any of them, that would be great. Thanks much and we'll see you Wednesday.

Lonna Giles

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/19/2019

Hey Lonna, Thanks for checking in. I will try to get all those songs into the list for Wednesday. (Except maybe the big yodel song - that one's been hurting me lately!) -Slaid

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