Slaid Cleaves

Hi, looking forward to seeing you in Santa Cruz. Quick story and a couple of requests. About 7 years ago I brought my Son, Kean, to see you at Kuumbwa, he requested "Flower dresses", and you played it. You introduced it saying some ten year old had made the request, he shouted out that he was 12. Well, he's coming, along with my daughter, Aniela. It'll be the third time we've seen you as a family. Also bringing my amazing partner Amy. We saw you for our second concert date, and she shortly there after downloaded all your music. I've got all the cd's and the new vinyl! She and I have seen you a bunch, and the last time through town you topped Joan Armatrading as the artist I've seen the most.
Anyways, not so short, Aniela used to sing "lydia" and I'd love to hear "temporary" and/or "Cry". Not trying to write the whole set list. We love all your songs, so anything will do.. Cheers

Slaid Cleaves responded on 05/23/2019

Man, thanks for coming back and bringing the family. I should be able to squeeze those songs into the set. See you soon. -Slaid

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