Slaid Cleaves

Heard you at Stone Mountain. Awesome show. Wish I'd known we could've made request. Would love to have heard Below, being part of the Flagstaff crew there. But I listened when we got home. It brings back some good memories of 60 years ago when I'd go on the lake with my dad when he worked on the log drive tugs and literally told me about the towns below. Was always a bit spooky and evocative in a good way kinda like the song. Thanks for the good memories from a great song and the great performance. Any mugs or pub glasses? Probably too heavy to haul around !8

Craig and Tracy Poulin.

Slaid Cleaves responded on 07/28/2019

Glad you could join us at Stone Mountain - a special place indeed. I probably should have done Below automatically, being so close to the source. Next time! Thanks for sharing those lake memories. We are working on some "Lydia" coffee cups, so stay tuned. -Slaid

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