Slaid Cleaves

Hi Slad & Karen,
Best of luck to you guys on your N Eastern Tour, thanks again for coming to Olympia, WA on your last NW Tour. I love your music and look forward to seeing you guys again, when are you returning to the North West?
I've heard your song "Gone" before, but it seems like just now it was for the first time, as it left me in tears after learning of a family friends journey. You have created and performed this beautiful, poignant love song that places this terrible disease (Alzheimer's) in the true perspective of a lifetime of love, beauty and deep meaning.
My hat is off to you! Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing,
Best Regards, G Britt

Slaid Cleaves responded on 09/28/2019

Hey G, thanks for writing. It's a powerful thing, isn't it, when a song suddenly matches up with your experience. That's why I'm in the business! Not sure when our next western adventure will be, but we'll give you a heads up when we're on our way. -Slaid

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